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App that helps people to keep their social distance.

How to change daily behavior?

The COVID-19 outbreak required people to change their behavior by keeping a physical distance of 1.5 meters between them and others. Together with the TU/e, the Innovation Space of the TU/e, and Fourtress we created an app that empowers people to better understand and follow the new rules of the social distance society. We advised the team on their communication strategy and took responsibility of their branding, website (design and development), and app (design and prototyping). Download the app here.

How to change daily behavior?


Changing normal day-to-day behavior is hard. Even if people want to, it is challenging to estimate the distance between others and to remind yourself continuously not to get too close to others. Besides the behavioral aspect, privacy plays a big role in apps that could help people in this situation. Even in the technology of the app is privacy proof, it is required to appear trustworthy and educate the user.


To better understand what difficulties people encounter and what problems they might have with an app, we set out a survey to start with. Due to the limited timeline, we scheduled to build the website and the main app design / prototype in a first sprint, followed by the detailed interactions and animations in a second sprint. With a working prototype built in Figma we were able to do usability and user experience tests with potential users.

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The project is currently still in progress. We are continuously designing and building improved versions of the app at the moment but we can share what has been made so far.



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